Chengdu Fund loan deal "full moon" 10% buyers only affected

Since October 8, Chengdu has implemented a new policy of Provident Fund loans a month's time, the policy impact on the market? ' said in the interview that, 10% home buyers loans are directly affected, in addition, the Bank said, with a number of Provident Fund loans for homeowners did not fall sharply, but the line has dropped significantly.
"Fund loan policy adjustments, what do I have to go back and talk it over with my family buy a House. "8th Hill near the main road of an agency, reporters met to buy people Guo, in that medium, he saw a House loan, brokers briefed him on the new policy of Provident Fund loans, he decided to go home and talk it over with my family and then make a decision, discuss how to loan.
the head of this agency, Zhao told reporters that since October 8 Fund loan policy implementation, many like Mr Guo, staff often have to carefully explain to buyers of new policies, homeowners to adjust the loan programme. "Most of the buyers were switching to ' combined credit ' payment ability of buyers to pay the full amount. "
speaking of Provident Fund loans the new deal's impact on the market, Zhao that October in Chengdu chain of second-hand house trading volume reduction, policy adjustment has a certain relationship with the Provident Fund loans. Another large agency responsible for the loan, Zhou told reporters, new policy implementation of Provident Fund loans a month, major impact on the market is that many lines of buyers is not enough.
Provident Fund loan deal execution a month on bank lending are increasingly having an impact. According to the loan Department of a commercial bank in Chengdu in charge, since October, the Provident Fund the overall reduction, and the volume of business loans increasing. "Judging from a month, without appreciably reducing the number of Provident Fund loans, applicants are still more Provident Fund lending but significantly reduced the amount of money a lot. "The Manager said, the main thing is after the implementation of the new deal, many buyers significantly reduce the loan amount, can only use part of the loan to complete, which makes the Provident Fund loans and business loans in the credit markets as a whole has changed.
home buyers loans on the secondary market are directly affected, so what about the new house market?
"Judging from our real estate, single buyers about 10% the impact of the new policy. "The Elysee residence property West of Chengdu green land sales person told reporters that home buyers are mainly part of Provident Fund loan limit to reduce, but to turn to" combination loan ", but sales did not have a big impact. According to press reports, judging from throughout October, Chengdu new-home market, 4692 housing turnover hit its highest monthly trading volume so far this year, Fund loans to the new policy did not have much impact on the market.
industry analysts believe that while the Provident Fund loan policy adjustments, some home buyers credit affect, but compared to the price factor, impact of the loans is second, as long as the price is reasonable, most buyers will choose to enter the market.