Xinyu small loans boost entrepreneurship and employment

original bedding plant laid off Gui Qiuyu couple of college students in Chengdu, 2006 decided to set up factories in the production of bedding, but due to insufficient funds, delays in the start. Learned of the situation, the Chengdu microfinance credit guarantee of re-employment Center through field trips, help them get a loan of 5.4 million Yuan, and re-employment of 1 million micro-credit finance discount in time matters. Now they run Lan Tianyu decorating supplies company production is booming, annual turnover has reached more than 50 million Yuan, the placement of the unemployed and rural surplus labor force more than 500 people.

such as Gui Qiuyu couples in re-employment success stories with the help of small loans, there in Chengdu. According to statistics, the city's small secured loans of 10 years, has accumulated providing reemployment microfinance 1.447 billion yuan, nearly 100 support for small businesses, direct support entrepreneurial strength of 22,000, led employment 72,200 people. Only the first 9 months of this year, the city's new small loans of 276 million Yuan, directly supporting entrepreneurship number: 3222, employment number 12,900 people.

for implementation re-employment small loan support policy, and active for various independent venture personnel provides funds support, the city formed to Government led, and people social sector led, and common advance of work mechanism, organization has venture wishes, and venture capacity and venture project of urban and rural personnel, carried out small loan policy regulations and moral education, and integrity education, activities, through various content of venture and skills training, implementation "you loan, I discount" small loan new mode, for they provides discount loan, Encouraging more unemployment and re-employment bold entrepreneurship and employment. Meanwhile, Jane Jane loans procedures, loan credit, concluded in a timely manner and improve efficiency, loan officers and venture projects pre-loan investigation, credit tracking performance, ensure the practicality and safety of funds. This year, the cumulative discount interest funds allocated 79.8556 million Yuan loan of 1.07 billion yuan, with recovery of 99.92%.

Chengdu also timely introduced small guarantees loan new policy, will age in 18 age to 60 age within of "a village a products" industry leader, and landless farmers, and town venture rural workers, and returned workers personnel, and laid off workers, and complex (turned) member retired soldiers, and big secondary graduates, and disabled, and 0 employment family members, and study home personnel, and other town unemployment personnel and the limited responsibility company, and partnership enterprise, and professional cooperatives, economic entity, all into small guarantees loan support range. Meet conditions of personal loan by original loan 50,000 yuan improve to 100,000 yuan, partnership business and organization up venture of by original loan 100,000 yuan improve to not over 500,000 yuan, meet conditions of enterprise loan by original loan 2 million Yuan improve to 4 million Yuan; on initial support success venture of personal, provides 300,000 yuan of two times support or again support, meet conditions of enterprise in enjoy finished Qian a round support policy Hou can get again support. Meanwhile, further efforts to increase fiscal interest, services, Commerce, production and processing, farming and other operating items into a financial discount range. The introduction of these new policies, further promoting the rise of the national entrepreneurship and employment boom.