What loans are regulated by provisions to protect?

General principles of the civil law provisions on claims, formed by the loan debt is subject to legal protection, but there are several preconditions: first, loan contract, also called ious, in order to avoid later disputes not proof, it is best to write more rigorous "IOU". Set out in the promissory note loans and borrower's name, identity card number, address, currency, purpose, amount, interest rate, term, payment and liability for breach of such content.
II, in order to ensure implementation of claims, reducing the risk of loan, the lender may require the borrower to third persons or property or movable property or rights or land as collateral, and registration certificates, referred to the possession by the lender or to a specific agency for mortgage formalities.
third, in accordance with the relevant provisions, interest rates on private loans may be appropriate above the bank rate, but shall not exceed a maximum loan interest rate four times, the excess interest will not be protected by the law.
Finally, loan payment after the agreed repayment periods are protected by law within two years, more than two years are no longer protected by law.
v, legal protection of legitimate loan relationships, but knowing that the borrower is to gambling, illegal activities such as drug trafficking and addiction while borrowing, will not be protected.
VI, in the last two years from the date of the expiry of the period of repayment the collection and preservation of evidence, or prosecution, filed for arbitration. Otherwise, unless the borrower voluntarily pay, requests for legal requests for repayment of the loan is no longer supported.
seventh, before the loan, must consult the other practical uses of borrowing, illegal money lending relationships are not protected by law.