Chengdu small enterprise credit loans mortgages much less

"There will be more concrete measures!" On Thursday, the State Council issued a "nine" supporting small business development, which has been plagued by loans for SMEs is concerned, is no doubt good news, as a small loan small business owners soon, Zhang is looking forward to this.
so, as far as the current situation in Chengdu, the province for loans "thirst" to what extent is it? lending support to SMEs by financial institutions? the reporter conducted an investigation.
SME annual total demand of about 320 billion gap or up to billions of
"should now have a lot of support for SMEs, but because of the overall tightening of credit policy and general difficulty of SME lending is still very large. "BP Sun City (Puri) Chou Yong, Deputy General Manager of the solar energy company, loan problems also gives him a headache," sometimes orders came, because money is tight, can't get credit, cannot answer. "Similar to the situation when a reporter asked how many times so far this year, Mr Qiu sighed a little reluctant to say.
"can't get credit!" Things to bring loans, song Yao-Yi Yao Yajun, General Manager of Chengdu shook his head, "we ran four or five banks this year, the big bank little Bank has, but must have fixed assets as collateral, like micro-credit enterprises, brands are OK, fixed this one puzzled. "
" loan for SMEs is very difficult right now, many companies come to us to complain. "Credit re-guarantee company supervisors long Lv Qingtao, Chengdu province, told reporters that so far this year, is mainly due to two aspects of corporate loans, one is melting does not come to the capital, banks are not lines; second, higher borrowing costs, past the inter-bank interest rate level is average, but is now" a stock three for ", interest is rising.
"the current threshold for SME lending is still a little high, for example, can also guarantee loans before, now only mortgage. "Zhang Weilong of the Shandong Chamber of Commerce Manager of Chengdu province told reporters that some want to loan the enterprise does not meet the requirements of the Bank loans.
analysis: since last year, has raised bank deposit reserve rate 12 times in a row. Cutbacks in credit, SMEs, especially small and micro-enterprise loans more difficult to grow. According to statistics, the bank credits covering large and 80% of medium enterprises and smaller enterprises below designated size 80% out of the bank credit.
, according to the provincial SME Bureau Director of loan services, Zhang said, according to the years of estimated total annual loan demand from small businesses in Chengdu at around 320 billion gap as high as 100 billion yuan.