Livelihood loan to do three "full coverage"

Yesterday (13th), livelihood loans work schedule of the Municipal Government of Chengdu, Chengdu, Cui Jie, the Mayor and other leaders attended the meeting. At the meeting, said Cui Jie, resolve family difficulties education is a top priority to people's livelihood event, to strive to achieve the three "full coverage": livelihood aid "has a" full coverage; student credit student loan to "help" full coverage; State-subsidized student loan in colleges and universities to "help" full coverage. Don't let a poor student because of poverty dropped out of poverty because of school. Completed 820 people loans, Chengdu,

according to the introduction, as of September 13, this year received loans of intentionality Tel 2360 people to receive loans, 826, completed 820 people.
from 2008 to 2010, Chengdu, Chengdu charity, Trade Union, Chengdu municipal disabled persons ' Federation, the League and other sectors "love dream", "autumn student" and a series of public education activities, invested grant funds more than 21.33 million Yuan, rescue 14966 students from poor families. As of September 5, Chengdu city, issues related to student projects help students with various disabilities 5646, aid amounts 10.259 million Yuan.
Next, Chengdu city will held once "grants issued ceremony", for part recipients students representative site issued grants; implemented exposure rescue of principles, on due to delay student application of, as long as meet related rescue conditions, continues to implemented rescue, achieved "has a help a"; coordination the related student sector, further perfect various student policy, simplified student program, established student green channel, constantly improve student of timeliness. Creative student ways and means to attract more entrepreneurs and caring people join the ranks of student, Chengdu people's livelihood, enhance student influence and radiation; Meanwhile, livelihood education "full". At present, the difficulties of children in the family, through nursery, kindergarten, compulsory education to high school, college financing issues, Chengdu have introduced aid policy. To sum up the "student credit student loan" experience, and constantly norms, institutionalized. Families children "read" College, and to be able to finish college, the University of reading.
effort to rescue and gradually expand the scope. Due to the system, the current 4 counties (cities) are not included in the scope of student in Chengdu. As far as I understand, really can't afford books, cannot afford the tuition fees of students in rural areas accounts for a relatively large, while this group is relatively more difficult. Chengdu office will coordinate with related departments of the public authorities to study the possibility of a breakthrough in the province and provincial joint rural student work, Chengdu city, rural student activities, ensure that rescue coverage.
proposed expansion for poverty students range
' report after listening to various departments, Cui Jie stressed: to ensure that everyone can be educated is a public health priority in Chengdu, in terms of student loans and the student, into the city to do more, new way to actively explore new approaches, ensure that poverty does not make a student drop out of poverty, because of school. Cui Jie requirements: General family poverty of students, meet rescue conditions of must guarantee do has a help a, achieved full cover; for meet students to credit student loan of poverty family students, must do has a help a, achieved full cover; for Chengdu nationality test into province within College of poverty family students must enjoy to national student loan, do has a help a, achieved full cover.
Cui Jie also suggested that the Education Department and other relevant departments to expand the scope of financial aid, student loans expanded to high schools, vocational schools, and so on. For the compulsory education stage, to study further subvention policies, ensure that underprivileged children in poverty not because of dropping out of school, out of school.


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