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                                                        &Nbsp;           online Government Affairs Hall run
August 10 in Chengdu, Chengdu city, online Government Affairs Hall run, will become an important platform for a public power, as people do, the network runs more stable, people will further improve online efficiency, some approval, People at home can be resolved on the Internet.

online Government in Chengdu City Hall developed the administrative examination and approval, administrative punishment, public opinion collection, personalized service and performance monitoring systems, online counseling, online queries, online forms, online payment service, online complaints, online collection, online performance monitoring functions, administration is an open, integrated platform of Government work for the people.

landing "Chengdu" portal, click on the "Government Affairs Hall", are free to query 49 municipal authorities and lists of 7437 power units, as well as their run total: 7437 flowchart, for locations of each right, phone and commit to deadlines and other information are all open to the public, the public can "a la carte" rights. Staff, members of the public may make a complaint online violation process omission, "slow as" Chief of staff. In addition, some features such as such as driver's license, social insurance and Enterprise annual inspection, and also enjoy scene-service for "three agriculture", disabled, students, business service, Home has special sections for special handling ... ...

online Government Affairs Hall, the "online consultation" is pushing a major function. Click on the "Service Advisory" public will process questions directly in the dialog box that pops up. "Some simple advice, can be solved within a minute. "The staff, online public services cost savings, but also for the Government Affairs Hall saved more resources. It is reported that through the "online consultation" system, with 49 municipal departments and units of the network conversation. In addition, after six months of trial operation, Chengdu Government Affairs Hall online solved during the pilot network instability problem accurate enough, the power list, online, online business efficiency further improved, and with the district (City) County and links to online Government Affairs Hall, through the online Government Affairs Hall at the city level can enter the area (City) County Government Affairs Hall online.

"this Government Affairs Hall can also directly ' Act '. "The Board take office official said currently people can handle online approval. For example, Chengdu urban management Bureau established the administrative examination and approval online management system, members of the public may be made online, query.

it is reported that this is the country's first network and online Government entities combined Hall, Chengdu is a service "24 hour". In future, Chengdu city, in addition to the continuation of the "actual situation" combined, promoting the online payment service, but will also explore the electronic administrative penalty, urging all departments to implement the electronic pilot administrative penalty. At present, the electronic pilot is on administrative punishments, Chenghua district.